Jingdu natural sparking seltzer water
Specificationsk 330ml*24 cans
  • Derived from “China’s Water Tower”
    The Sanjiang Qinghai Reserve Area with an altitude of 3860 meters is a rearly seen “ecological virgin place”along the global golden water source belt, where Changjiang River, Huanghe River and Canglanjiang River surge down and JINGDU SPARKLING WATER effuses.
  • Water with
    19830 years history
    JINGDU SPARKLING WATER has a history of 19830 years with long water age and high activity, which has been frozen into permanent ice since 19830 years ago and stored deely underground without any involvement in the atmospheric water cycle.
  • Natually carbonated
    JINGDU SPARKLING WATER has been filtered through flaut strata 5000 meters underground and naturally carbonated. Natural delicate carbon dioxide and abundant minerals form its unique taste.
  • No additives
    suger free
    JINGDU SPARKLING WATER contains no additives and is totally nature based and wholesome. Its pure natural properties are more wholesome.
  • Abundant
    in minerals
    JINGDU SPARKLING WATER contains minerals and micro elements such as strontium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calsium, etc., to meet the daily daily needs of the human body.
  • Natural small
    molecular mass
    The Half width of water molecule of JINGDU SPARKLING WATER is 74.07Hz, belonging to natural small molecular mass category, which can be absorbed by cells easier and enhance the ability of the oxygen transportation helping the excretion of intracellular metabolic waste and toxin.