JingDu Natural Mineral Water
Specificationsk 330ml*24glass 500ml*24glass 1.98L*6glass 4.98L*4bags
  • Mineral
    Trace Element
    Calcium Element
    Full of original and natural ionized calcium, with its content up to 160mg / L.

    Calcium is helpful for the growth of bone and teeth, which is very advantageous in maintaining bone density.

    Strontium Element
    Strontium is an indispensable trace element. Strontium element reaches 3.0 mg / L in JingDu natural glacier water.

    Strontium element could soften blood vessel and improve eyesight.

    Vanadium Element
    Vanadium element reaches 0.44 mg / L in JingDu natural mineral water.

    Vanadium element decreases blood sugar, improve metabolism, suppress cholesterin and extend the actuation duration of insuline.

  • Low Deuterium
    The deuterium volume in JingDu water is very low, reaching -89.524%, which is very significant for people.

    The lower deuterium content means better water quality. Low-deuterium water contains activated immune cells, improves basal metabolic level and prevents cell mutation.

  • Molecule Group
    World Health Organization’s criteria for healthy water is: if the semi-range of water molecules is less than 100 Hz, this kind of molecules is vibrant small water molecules. The semi-range of JingDu water molecules is 79.48Hz.

    The molecule group could pass through epicyte rapidly, supplying body’s water and discharging toxin.

  • Kalescent
    JingDu water is Kalescent, with pH value of 7.2-7.8.

    Kalescent is compatible with body fluid, which is beneficial to recover and maintain the acid base balance of the body fluid.